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This section includes text from the post-exhibition report produced by Somerset House, describing the marketing campaign for the exhibition, its statistics, reach and notes of its successful approach. Curator Sarah Cook worked closely with the marketing team on the concept and realisation of the campaign with collaboration of artist Douglas Coupland.

Marketing - Graphics

The exhibition had a strong visual presence, utilising Douglas Coupland’s Slogans for the 21st Century, including some brand new slogans designed specifically for 24/7. Postcards, A2 and A1 posters were distributed on the site and across London, with a tube campaign and trial of pavement stencils. Lightbox and vinyl signage overlooked Waterloo Bridge/Lancaster Place and Victoria Embankment. Douglas Coupland slogans also featured heavily on our Winter ice rink from November to January.

Marketing - Digital Content

We worked with design agency International Magic on 24/7, an agency we’ve previously worked with on Perfume and Good Grief, Charlie Brown!. We produced a lead exhibition trailer along with five short animations exploring the five zones of the exhibition: Wreckage of the Day, Sleep/Attentiveness, Accelleration/Surveillance/Control, Work and The Commons, and Reset. We also produced a vox-pops film in-house, which featured visitors sharing their highlights of the exhibition.

In total, these films achieved just over 35k video views through organic social and YouTube.

24/7 Exhibition Trailer

Wreckage of the Day



Work and the Commons


Marketing - Digital Campaign

Results from working with Media Agency Altair, showed that activity out-performed expectations:

- Facebook was the most effective channel, so was focused on for the last part of the campaign.
- Audiences interested in mindfulness were very engaged with the content.
- However, overall more general audiences (those focusing on Competitors/London Events and Retargeting/LAL) remained the most effective.
- Different creative styles performed best at different points.

Stories performed well, though with less volume than our main newsfeed campaign.

Marketing - Social Media

We employed a number of social media initiatives to expand on themes and content from the exhibition, enabling us to sustain high engagement throughout the run.

Total Impressions: 1,575,614

Total Posts: 238

Total Reach: 1,450,394

Total Engagement: 31,540

Video Views: 50,488

Organic social media posts for 24/7 reached a total of 1.4m people across our three main channels of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Instagram was our highest performing platform, achieving the highest total reach and average engagements.

Douglas Coupland’s slogans formed a core part of our social campaign. We used the marketing campaign images to build anticipation before the exhibition opened, and the slogans then featured throughout the duration in a series of short films focussing on the five different themes of the show. Overall, they performed very well on social, with the photo of his ‘I Want My Time Back’ billboard becoming our most engaged Instagram post of all time.

Marketing - Instagram

Top Posts
Douglas Coupland billboard: reached 59,969, total engagements 5,617

Rut Blees Luxemburg ‘A Modern Project’: reached 38,472, total engagements 2,114

Douglas Coupland ‘I Miss My Pre-Internet Brain’: reached 32,992, total engagements 2,017

Total Posts: 43

Total Reach: 595.904

Total Engagement: 24,861

Video Views: 24,495

Marketing - Instagram Stories

We used a number of lo-fi initiatives on Instagram Stories to expand on themes of the show. We worked with the Visitor Experience team for our ‘Big Brother Diary Chair’ series, which featured members of the team answering questions about work, leisure and sleep and selecting their favourite works from the show.

Marketing - Facebook

Top Posts
Douglas Coupland Billboard: reached 16,097, total engagements 297

Lead 24/7 Trailer: reached 11,588, total engagements 222

Rut Blees Luxemburg ‘A Modern Project’: reached 10,659, total engagements 140

Total Posts: 73

Total Reach: 312,009

Total Engagement: 1,821

Video Views: 7,579

Marketing - Twitter

What Worked Well
#BlueMonday had the widest reach
#BlackFriday also drove a decent level of engagements with 23 retweets

Top Posts
Lead 24/7 trailer: 17,520 impressions, total engagements 64

Guardian article on yawning emoji: 6,430 impressions, total engagements 32

Reset theme film: 6,542 impressions, total engagements 29

Total Posts: 73

Total Reach: 312,009

Total Engagement: 1,821

Video Views: 7,579

Marketing - Podcast Series

A five-part podcast series was produced to accompany the exhibition. This had 4,909 total listens across major podcast channels such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

In addition, short podcast trailers shared on social clocked up 15,255 views across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.