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The Gig Is Up!

How New Technologies Are Reshaping the Future of Work

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V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media
25 November 2016 - 18 December 2016

The exhibition The Gig Is Up was conceived around exposing the labour taking place 'in the cloud'. Curatorial tasks, such as writing interpretative texts and designing the marketing materials, were outsourced to gig economy workers. Artists were invited on the basis of their art practice interrogating the relationship between labour and digital economies. Artists featured in The Gig Is Up spanned a range of disciplines, including sound, video, drawing, performance, installation and participatory art.

Featured artists included:

Addie Wagenknecht and Pablo Garcia, Erica Scourti, Human Index, Jeff Crouse, Joseph DeLappe, Liat Berdugo and Emily Martinez, Prayas Ahbinav, Tyler Coburn, Yuri Pattison